The Ultimate Play Pen

Talk about having to do some research on this one LOL…

Ryker just started crawling a day ago, and I’m pretty sure he could have seriously injured himself a DOZEN times already! A play pen is a must if you need to get some chores done around the house, make dinner, take a call….you name it.

We have a relatively modern apartment, a white kitchen, gray flooring, etc. so I wanted something that didn’t look like I was running a daycare from my home. I also wanted something that I could move around if need be, so it had to be easy to assemble with NO nails, screws, or parts that could pinch little fingers.


The Baby Care Play Pen is perfect. Cutting open the box took longer than assembling it! Unfortunately, for those of you with hardwood floors who also need the play mat it is sold separately. They get you on everything these days! Here is the one that fits this particular playpen perfectly and it comes in a lot go fun patterns and colors Baby Care Play mat.




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  1. That’s really cute! I like the lack of primary colors!! lol

    1. hahah YES ! me too!!

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