My First Blog Post! How I got Fit..and what’s next.

2017 was my best fitness year to date! After receiving my personal training certification I took on a challenge many women shy away from in fear of “gaining too much muscle”. I entered a National Physique Committee fitness competition.  To be honest, I didn’t want to gain “too” much muscle either, but I also knew going into it that if the body is capable of gaining muscle it is also capable of losing it. So I dove right in by giving myself 12 weeks to transform my body. I didn’t hire a coach (because they are pretty pricey) but if  this is a route you want to take I would highly recommend hiring someone to help you. Why?…well that will be a separate blog post =)



The competition wasn’t my only major body transformation in the past year. I also had a baby! I know right!? What the heck…I’m all over the place! So for all of you moms out there wondering how to get back in shape after carrying a human inside you for nine months I’m right there with you! You can follow me on my own journey to get back to my goal weight! IMG_4138.jpg

This page will give you all the tips and tricks I used to go from 155 pounds and 28% body fat to 130 pounds and 12% body fat, but I also hope it gives those of you simply wanting some new workout ideas or motivation a place to check out on a weekly basis. Not to mention…I LOVE looking cute when I work out so I’ll definitely fill you in on where I get my stuff;) Like this outfit here!…not going to lie Maristella Citelli is one of my go-to’s because no one has her stuff AND it’s so comfortable and slimming. I always get so many compliments when I wear her leggings and tops. IMG_9554.JPG

Okay that’s it! NOW LET’S GET STARTED ON THAT POST PREGNANCY BODY! (my upcoming routine will also help those of you non-preggos out there looking to drop some pounds before summer!)

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