Losing the Mommy Weight

Truth is….two months after I got into the best shape of my life I became pregnant with my first baby. A true blessing. My little boy is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

But my body was unforgiving. I gained all of the weight back I had lost when I competed in my first NPC show AND THEN SOME MORE. 50 pounds. It was my worst nightmare because I knew how hard it was to lose the weight. After I had Ryker the weight gaining didn’t stop. I actually gained another 10 pounds because of breastfeeding. I was SO hungry all the time and my body definitely wasn’t one of the ones that “lost weight’ breastfeeding. So I needed something to motivate me to make a change. Sometimes all we need is something to work for other than that body we want. Something to push us to get going. I stumbled upon an 8 week challenge I found on instagram. EHP Labs was starting an 8 week challenge with tons of prizes to be won if you had the biggest transformation.

So there I was sitting in my sweatpants (the only clothes that fit at the time) and my motivation had finally come. I jumped in head first and didn’t look back.

Meal preps, protein shakes…and GYM SIX DAYS A WEEK. I joined the YMCA because I had toured the childcare facility and really liked how clean it was and how personable the workers were there. That was probably my biggest obstacle; finding a gym daycare that I liked. So for one hour a day I mixed up my routine and hit the gym harder than ever before so I could go pick up my little sweet boy from the childcare area.

I lost an average of 3+ pounds a week and WAS STILL breastfeeding full time. I supplemented using Mothers Milk tea and Milkflow everyday.

Here is my body before and after starting the challenge! You just have to set your mind to it! And I can help!



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