Importance of Finding Gym Time

I never knew how much I could love….until my baby boy was born. Yes…I am attached to this little boy with all my heart and soul. When he was born I didn’t leave the house for 4 months. I was breastfeeding (and I still am full time) but I feared he would be uncomfortable leaving…I feared him crying in his car seat…I feared him getting sick…I feared it all! I ended up gaining 10 extra pounds on top of what I had gained when I was pregnant because breastfeeding increased my appetite tremendously. No…not all moms “lose” weight breastfeeding. Plus, I was extremely sedentary inside my apartment.

Obviously, I started to feel depressed, and I wasn’t being myself around the most important thing in my life…my son. But I couldn’t just take him to any gym. It had to be one where I trusted the employees in childcare area…one that was safe…and one that was clean! The YMCA near me turned out to be a great fit…so if you have one in your area I highly suggest you take a tour and meet the workers before you sign up!

I give myself ONE hour a day to get a killer workout in, and I even run downstairs to check on Ryker in the childcare area on some days. Technically, 30 minutes is all you need but I had a lot of weight to lose and working out is a form of stress relief for me so I really enjoy that time to myself.

If you have a piece of cardio equipment in your home and some weights GREAT…because that works too! You just have to trust that your little one CAN survive without you for that 30 minutes to an hour…and that you will be a happier mommy around them once you’ve gotten that workout in!

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The benefits of exercise are too many to count. It’s not about how much you weigh it’s about how YOU feel everyday.

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