Best Gifts for ONE-Year-Old

I can’t tell you how many toys I have scrolled through on the internet LOL it is so overwhelming! How are we supposed to know what to get when it comes to the most beneficial toys for our sweet babies turning a YEAR old?

Books, plastic toys upon plastic toys, teethers, cups, scoot and rides…WHICH ONES DO WE BUY?

I can only speak from what we have gotten our son and how much he has loved every toy in our playroom. As a mom, I have tried to choose toys that help with developmental skills as opposed to the most expensive and popular things on the market. So far, I think we have done a great job. Ryker is right where he needs to be. Standing, walking around with help, babbling his own sweet conversations, exploring , laughing, waving and more.

Here is just a few things I highly recommend for your sweet baby turning a year old that we have loved as new parents and that our son has loved. I’m not throwing a million toys at you like a lot of other blogs…just a few that we truly love.


  1. Soft Zone Climb and Crawl Foam Playset

This actually was a gift from my mom! Once we put these in his playpen Ryker started to learn all of the ways he could have a blast using the set. He picks them up and throws them, crawls on them, stacks them, and has a blast. They are soft, not too high off the ground, and are a great thinking tool for him! We actually have the entire set on the way now because we know he will get so much use out of these for a while. Here is a link to the Building Block Set we also have.

2. V-Tech Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

This has been so much fun! All of the different buttons on the train are awesome. Colors, numbers, songs, and more. Right now he is using it without the scoot attachment to push around but I am slowly teaching him how to sit down on the train and scoot himself around. It plays the sweetest songs as he walks and rides with it. It also comes with blocks that he loves to stack.


3. Baby Einstein Piano

This little boy loves to sing. This is a great touch sensor piano that comes with little cards that show him how to play certain songs. Now he hasn’t gotten to that level yet! LOL but he loves slamming on the keys and singing along as he does it. He also loves flapping the cards around and putting them in and out of the piano holder. Another great toy that has gotten lots of action in our home! The video below shows him trying to sing along while playing the piano!

4. The Indestructibles Book Collection 

These are AWESOME if your baby loves to rip pages while you try to read to them! Basically every baby! These are much more cost effective than hard back books and allow your baby to use the book as they please=) They are chew proof, nontoxic, rip proof, and 100% washable. Cant say that for other books!

5. Baby’s First Blocks Playset

These have been great for me and Ryker when it comes to teaching him that everything has a name. I love teaching him all of the shapes and colors. This is such a simple toy but so great when it comes to learning. At first he loved to chew on them, then he loved to throw them, and now he is learning how to place each corresponding shape into it’s proper place in the bucket.


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