Best Baby Bathtub

Can I really say “the best”? No….lol because I only bought one! Okay…well technically two BUT this one is the BEST…and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t even look at other ones on the market.

Why I love the Aquascale 3 in 1 Bathtub….

1.) So easy to use from day 1.

I used this tub two days after I brought my sweet little son home fro the hospital. Pop the batteries in…press the button and vwalla. It worked! Wait until the 0.0 appears on the screen and put your baby in before OR after you will it up with water to get an accurate weight.

2.) Fits in my double sink AND tub

For the first three or four months I was able to stand and wash my son in the sink! The tub fits perfectly in a double sink (that doesn’t have a divider). Now I set the tub inside my bathtub because he is too heavy to lift in and out of the sink lol


My son is WELL over the average baby weight at 21 pounds at 8 months. A strong baby I might add=) And he is taller than most as well. This tub is still working for me. So the extra cost for the tub has already been worth it in my opinion.

Here is a pic of my son the first week we brought him home to today=) I can’t believe how fast they grow=( I need at least 8 more….lol

IMG_8045 2


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