Arbonne Makeup Review

My first ever makeup review! I am so excited to be switching to clean skincare and makeup. My 11 month old kisses and SUCKS my face and arms everyday and it made me WAY more conscious about what I put on my skin. I am still nursing and the fact that everything that you put on the outside of your body is absorbed makes it even that much more important to me.

So in this video I show you guys the products that I am using from foundation, to concealer, primer, contour, highlighter, eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. I’m not a makeup expert by ANY means. I am JUST a girl that loves to be GLAM and a mom who wants to look put together!

I love the NATURAL look I have with these products. I’m not caking a ton of chemicals on my face, I don’t have powder flaking off, and I don’t feel like I have makeup on. It’s very light and even suitable for the gym!

Here is Arbonne’s makeup line for those of you looking to make the switch to cleaner skincare. You can find the ingredient policy on their website as well but I also listed it below 🙂,261.aspx

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