I’m a mom as of 2018! I lost 50 pounds the same year I had my baby boy and I did it while baking! As you can see I love sweets! But I wanted to find healthier recipes that taste JUST as good without feeling guilty and without hurting my goals! I find the BEST recipes online and I make them happen in my own kitchen. I hope you enjoy my workouts and pictures of delicious food!

As a side passion of mine, I wanted to create apparel that fits my chic side but also spreads my love for the Lord. Not only are there not enough Christian apparel designers out there, but finding ones that create designs on t-shirts that you would buy at a Nordstrom is few and far between! I’m talking cute and fun everyday shirts!

I designed all of the items that you can find right here on my website that not only look cute but are also SO soft and versatile. In a world where it’s hard to be loud about your faith in fear of “rubbing someone the wrong way,” I want to be a millennial that makes it OKAY to be on fire for Jesus. Scripture should be a part of our everyday lives. I’m hoping my apparel can speak for you when it comes to your faith and shows the world how many of us there are. We need it!