30 Days To Healthy Living with Scarlett

Let’s talk about “clean” eating. A lot of diets throw that term around these days but not many truly fit that characterization.  I’ve been a personal trainer for almost two years now and have been searching for an eating plan that I could advocate and back knowing I was truly going to help people live a healthier life.

Fast forward two years, and months of researching, and here I am. Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living!

Watch my video or read about the program here!

Arbonne’s products are plant-based so they are vegan. They are gluten free, soy free, kosher certified,  whey free, dairy free, are not formulated with GMOs, free of artificial colors and sweeteners, and ban 2,000 ingredients that are used in everyday products that are essentially chemicals!

People see real results with this program. It’s not ONLY about weight loss which I love. You will most definitely lose weight on the program but you will also reset your metabolism, gain energy, fuel your body with nothing but natural and clean foods, clear your skin, curb your cravings, decrease inflammation in your body, and even sleep better at night! How? You are getting rid of anything artificial or GMO, processed sugar, dairy, gluten, yeast, wheat, coffee, and alcohol. Your body NEEDS this break and reset.

For LESS THAN $10 a day you get 2 meals, all of your supplements, one-on-one coaching by me, a fitness guide from me and access to a facebook support group with thousands of other doing the program with you. That’s

  • 60 protein shakes- 20 grams of easy to digest vegan protein derived from peas, rice and cranberries. It contains the complete amino acid profile for lean muscle, and supplemented with 20 vitamins an minerals. It is also clinically tested and qualified with a low glycemic index.
  • 60 energy fizz sticks– replacement for coffee and caffeinated beverages! A low calorie drink that contains antioxidants, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and helps metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins!
  • digestion plus- contains probiotics, probiotics and enzymes to support optimal digestive health, delivered in a readily absorbed powder form
  • daily fiber boost– one serving is half of the daily requirement! Helps support cardiovascular health, it’s flavorless and cane added to food or beverages, keeps you fuller longer, acts as a sponge for toxins in your body, and slow absorption of sugar.
  • herbal detox tea– contains 9 botanicals including milk thistle that supports the liver and dandelion root which supports kidneys. It also contain sweet fennel, an antioxidant that support the maintenance of good health
  • and you can choose between a body cleanse or green balance mix. The body cleanse is formulated with key botanicals including magnesium that helps detoxify the body while supporting your gastrointestinal tract. It’s gentle enough for daily use!
  • You’ll receive recipes, guides, and support when you are added to the support group of thousands of others doing it with you.
  • And you will get a workout PDF from me FOR FREE…plus one-on-one coaching!

I am starting on January 21st and welcoming anyone to join with me! If you sign up with me I will be your coach for the entire 30 Days sending you messages of encouragement! You can signup for the program with me year round!

Remember this is all LESS THAN $10 A DAY! I just spent $12 on my LUNCH AT PANERA BREAD!

Registration as a Preferred Client is $29 and the 30 Days To Healthy Living Fit Kit mentioned above is $266.40. But can you really put a price on turning your health around this year? Plus, as w Preferred Client you get 20-40% off of ALL Arbonne products for a full year!

Email me at ScarlettHortonTX@gmail.com if you are interested or want to learn more!


  1. Head to ScarlettHorton.Arbonne.com
  2. Click the Register Tab
  3. Click “Start Saving” under Preferred Client
  4. Fill Out Your Info
  5. And customize your Fit Kit!

If you want my workout and nutrition PDF and one-on-one coaching make sure you register with ME as your consultant! I WANT TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS!



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  1. Dave Garcia says:

    Love Your Stuff Scar!
    Continued Success!!

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